#354: “Fred” - 2015-01-12

Fred: You rock, babe! You'll grow up to become a real hottie!
Luz: Uh... who are you?
Fred: Yo, men! Name's Fred. A great fighter, look­ing for a challenger. Anyone here tough enough to face me?
Don Samuel: Pedro, des­hazte de es­te payaso.
Fred: A little kid!? Come on, that's not even funny! Back off, insect, or I'm totally going to crush you!
Pedro: ¡No entiendo lo que dices, gringo, pero si me subestimas lo lamentarás!
Fred: Not afraid, huh? If you only knew where I have been... I'll let my fists tell you.
Pedro: ¡Pelea en serio, mierda!
Fred: What the...
Pedro: ¿Un sueño?
Pedro: Ciertamente soy yo el que necesita nuevos desafíos...