#447: Avalanche - 2019-02-11

Rosa: Yes, it's me! Who were you expecting?
Eliana: I was so scared! I thought that you had died, and I didn't expect anyone to find this place!
Hugo: Tell us! How did you survive that fall!
Rosa: All I know is that I fell over my backpack, and that I woke up many meters underwater…
Pedro: Under the blue ice!
Rosa: Yes! But there was a large layer of snow, just like here at the entrance!
Hugo: Well, soon after we got up here, we started to argue, and then an avalanche started to fall.
Pedro: Yes! We almost got buried!
Rosa: Ow! So scary! And I bet that you all…
Pedro: We were crying, cursing the gypsy woman, blaming María…
Pedro: … And the mountain fell upon us. Thank goodness that this cave was right in front of us.
Rosa: Eee, I could have arrived here to a tragedy! Oh, God! No, it's not María's fault, nor the gypsy lady's! It was me who insisted on coming here, and I didn't want to understand that an accident could happen!
Pedro: Don't blame yourself! Only Mom and Eliana had the common sense to warn us of danger!
María: …It was an accident, right, Rosa…?
Rosa: It was indeed! Thank God that we're all okay!
Pedro: That's what matters. A miracle just happened, and what we cried and argued against each other no longer makes sense anymore.

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