#422: Books - 2017-02-14

Hugo, Rosa and Pedro joined forces in order to move the piece of furniture with the books and to take it out from the container. The books weren't just inside of the library; there were many other books behind it, many inside trunks but most were loose. It was evident that they were saved inside the container in a hurry.

— “ It's full of books everywhere! ” — Eliana exclaimed, visibly excited — “ Almost all those trunks! Loads and books, and you never told me about them! ”

— “ That's right. ” — María replied — “ Originally I was going to pass them to Lucas, but he even gave me some books that were given to him and that he never read. In fact, if you want them, they're yours, though with Clara we planned on offering them to you when you were older. But now... ”

— “ Oh, heavens! There's so much stuff here that I don't know where to begin! Literatury, history, math, biology, computing...! Oh, I don't know! I DON'T KNOW! ”

— “ I think you could start with this one... ”

— “ «Algebra» by Aurelio Baldor? Nah, I already read it. ”

— “ Really! Hahaha! Then don't open the trunks, most of them are school textbooks that are no longer of any use for you. ”

— “ I need Baldor's Algebra! ” — Hugo said — I need to practice my equations. ”

— “ Yeah, yeah. There are books for everyone. Rosa, Pedro, you can pick books too. If you want, you can pick a book to read during the trip, but only one book. If there are more books that you want to read, you can bring them to your house when we return. Understood? ”

— “ Understood! ”

— “ Well, huh... I'm going to the bathroom. ”

While María was busy there, the kids examined the library. Indeed, there was a little of everything there, a very organic collection, without apparent order.

— “ THAT'S COOL! ” — Hugo exclaimed — This is exactly what I need in order to improve Sapocop! ”

— “¿Sapocop? Didn't you leave the project already? ”

— “ I have new ideas, Eliana. There were some things that I couldn't do back in the time. ”

— “ I would like to listen to them. It was very difficult for me to teach Sapocop how to walk upstairs and downstairs. As long as I don't find the sensors that it needs, every step must be exactly calculated, because it has to compute its position from a mind map of the house. ”

— “ ... Uh... I think that you should continue to take charge of it. ”

— “ How lazy you are, Hugo. You're not getting anywhere in life, thinking like that. ”


When María returned, she found the kids discussing with each other.

— “ That old is R. Valentino? ” — Rosa asked to her.

— “ Was! He died before the Great Depression, and he wasn't THAT great of an actor as they say. Just a handsome face, nothing more. Well, that was an early time in film, and there were few resources, so anything was okay. In fact, it was him who started the « latin lover » trope. ”

— “ Oh... uh... should I read this book? ”

— “ ... No. Definitely no. I don't know what kind of perverse fantasies had Edith Maude Hull when she wrote this filth, but I can't understand how could a woman fall in love for such a degenerate. ”

— “ ¿ « The Sheik » was an evil man ? ”

— “ Someone unable to respect a woman, who is not above mistreating her in order to get what he wants, doesn't deserve to be called a man. He's a sheikh, a wealthy one, who thinks that he can get away with taking a woman and doing as he pleases to her. Never let yourself be seduced by this kind of demons, never lose your head because of ilusions and lies. ”

Rosa stopped to think for a moment... and decided to give up on her search. Honestly, there weren't many literature books there that could be considered appropriate for an innocent mind such as Rosa's. Her siblings, more open-minded and with a more informed opinion, would have less trouble while finding something to read.


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