Main Characters - Martínez Gómez Family


Hugo "Sapo" Martínez

A lanky guy with eyeglasses. Cheerful, friendly, irresponsible and lazy, sometimes has great ideas but gets bored with them quickly. He likes hip-hop and basketball. Is dating Carola Gutiérrez.

Rosa Martínez

Dreamy, friendly, quiet, generous and compassionate, although pessimistic and prone to mood swings, very sensitive and weepy. She likes to cook and to eat sweet things, she's also a good swimmer. She has a special fondness for Rafael Jiménez.

Eliana Martínez

Short, very thin and having very long hair. Perfectionist, studious and incredibly quick and agile, but also very weak and sleepy. Polite and friendly but cold. She enjoys reading, solving puzzles and knitting. She considered studying Pediatrics.

Pedro Martínez

A robust boy with unusual physical strength and a well-developed personality. Brave, courageous, proud and eager to show his skills and training. He likes football, martial arts and the company of his friends.

Clara Gómez

She likes to travel, to talk with friends at the Centro de Madres or at her small shop. She gets bored easily, and does not tolerate insubordinations.

Juan Martínez

Intelligent, optimistic and cheerful. A bit irresponsible, he doesn't last long in the same job. He likes to listen to the problems of others and to give advice.


A cat that followed Rosa home, and is now the mascot of the house.


A robot created by Hugo, Eliana and Carola. It has a voice synthesizer and can walk and carry some things.

María Angélica Sepúlveda

A Primary School teacher. Knowledgeable, tenacious and adaptable, though somewhat childish and forgetful.