Eliana's classmates


Alejandra Gutiérrez

Carola's sister, she's very smart and also a neat freak. She became Eliana's main rival since they started being classmates. She likes Math and Chess.

Mario "Pingüino" Espinoza

Catalina's brother, and one of Pedro's best friends. Optimistic and skilled with the ball, tends to take things too lightly.

Cristián Sepúlveda

He's in love with Eliana although he doesn't understand her personality, and Eliana hates him. He likes group activities and dreams of becoming President of the Republic.

Carlos "Corte pelela" Mansilla

A a naughty child who likes to joke, he's also vindictive and prone to exaggerate things. Has a talent for poetry.

Luz Vergara

Very nice, loving and cheerful, although somewhat careless. She's of Basque, Irish and Greek descent.

Andrea Torres

Ximena's sister. She's neither smart nor active, but is a kindhearted girl.