Clara's Family


Lucas Gómez

Clara Gomez's father, he's a furniture maker. Stubborn, conservative and somewhat old-fashioned, he likes to collect useless bits and pieces. He looks older than it is, mainly because of his long white beard.

Ester Poblete

Clara Gomez's mother, she lives with her husband Lucas in Talca. She's educated, friendly and very sweet, but does not tolerate people messing with her stuff. She tends to spoil the children too much for Clara's liking.

Mario Gómez

Clara's uncle, he lives in a plot at the outskirts of Concepción.

Mariela Gómez

Clara's sister.

Manuel Gómez

Clara's cousin, he works at the water company. He loves Basketball.

Úrsula Flores

Manuel Gómez's wife. Together they have a son named Samuel.