Other characters


Blanca Relmuán

Student of Class 8-A and sister of Diego Relmuán. As she's an albino girl, many are astonished by her looks, but she is very shy and doesn't like the attention.

Claudia Navarrete

Student of class 2-B, rebellious and troublesome, she gets quite bored in class if she's not kept doing something. She loves to sing.

Samuel Gutiérrez

Father of the Gutiérrez brothers and a Karate master. He's a harsh, strong and competitive man. He likes to dress in an elegant way, but for some reason wears a Manchu-style hair queue.

Gina Lucrecia Venecci

Mother of the Gutiérrez brothers, she's a tall, slender woman with dark skin and blue-green eyes. A woman of few words, she doesn't have much appreciation for karate but loves her husband and would never contradict him.

Antonia Torres

Mother of Gastón and Rafael. Sometimes she gets into fights with her husband, and when this happens she goes with Rafael to her parents' house in Talca, where they have a grocery store.

Ángela Jiménez

Pediatrician, sister of Guillermo Jiménez, who is the father of Gastón and Rafael.

Genshirou Yamamoto (山本 源四郎)

Dentist, born in Tacna, Peru, of Japanese descent. A fan of sumo and Japanese martial arts. He knows a lot about astronomy and astronautics.

Ximena Poblete

Mother of the Sepúlveda brothers. She has serious problems to raise and control her unruly children.