Juan's Family (in Japan)


Atsuko NISHIDA (西田 温子)

Mother of Juan Martinez, she's a teacher. Intelligent, traditional and skillful. Although she appears to be quiet, she hides an explosive temper. Her attractiveness and youthful looks have caused her several headaches.

Carlos Martínez

Father of Juan Martinez, he's a marine biologist and lives in Kobe with his wife. He's smart and bold but somewhat crazy.

Miguel Martínez

Juan's brother, he owns a seafood store.

Naoko MORI (最里 真子)

Granddaughter of a cousin of Atsuko Nishida, she lives at a forgotten town in the Japanese Alps. She looks much like Rosa, and is of the same age. She dates a very tall guy called Nagahiko Higuchi.

Hiroshi NISHIDA (西田 光志)

Atsuko's brother, and father of Shigeru and Ryouko. A retired Karate master.

Misato UCHIDA (打陀 美叡)

Hiroshi Nishida's wife, and a Karate master.

Shigeru NISHIDA (西田 茂)

A Karate master, also works as a taxi driver.

Ryouko NISHIDA (西田 良子)

Engineering student.