#453: Instructions from a nurse - 2020-03-19


Rosa again complained of her pain when the ice was done melting; that was the first thing she informed the paramedics who checked her at her arrival. The first thing that caught the eye of the physicians was her complete cyanosis and her absurdly low body temperature.

When she entered the hospital, Rosa also complained about the scorching temperature inside. The physician told her that he expected her to feel heat while suffering severe hypothermia, and that it was necessary to recover her normal body temperature.

Rosa was hospitalized urgently, and María asked the kids to take a bus to her house, to change their clothes and to prepare something to eat. Her plan was to take turns at the hospital, in case there were any news.

Hugo was the first to take her place, but that was no longer necessary.

— They operated on her, and put a cast on her left arm and leg. In two days we'll be able to take her away.

— That soon?

— It wasn't that bad. They didn't believe me when I told them that she had fallen from a great height. She was bruised more than anything, though she had some slight bone damage.

Before leaving the hospital, they tried to make a call back home. No one answered.

Two days later, they returned for her, and they received the instructions from a nurse. Rosa still had her skin of a bluish tone, which contradicted her vital signs that, save from her body temperature, were completely normal.

She must not take a shower until after 7 days have passed. She must keep her left arm and leg up, she must not rest her foot on the ground for 15 days. After that time, she must get checked, in order to determine the estimated time of bone consolidation. As it's a less serious case, and she's a minor, her recovery time should not exceed 2 months.

Eliana had gotten a wheelchair on loan. Carrying Rosa on it, they walked all the way from the Hospital of Chillán to María's house. It was night when they arrived, so they drank some tea and went to sleep.

The next day, they decided to try again to make a phone call back home, to inform their parents of what happened. Again, no one answered the phone.

— What do we do now? — Hugo asked.

— You decide what to do. Classes will start soon, so you can leave me alone with Rosa if you wish.

— Do you think that you'll be able to take care of her alone? — Eliana couldn't hide her annoyance.

— Of course! Many times I had to take care of convalescent children. I have experience.

— What do you think, Rosa?

— I have no choice but to stay. Here, in Chillán, boiling alive. Just leave me here.

— Rosa — Pedro said — I'd rather stay with you.

— No, Pedro. I'd rather you go and talk with Mom. I want you to tell her that I'm okay… no, instead, I want you to deliver her a letter. My right hand is fine, so I'll write it myself.

While she said that, Rosa stared at Eliana, with an expression of deep sadness and regret on her face. Eliana responded with a sigh and a facepalm.

After Rosa wrote the letter, her siblings left for home. Rosa stayed at María's house, with her left leg up on a cast.