#442: Evelyn - 2017-12-20

Rosa: Ya llevo caminando varias horas por este sendero. ¿Es así el Cielo? Pues cada vez se parece más a las visiones del Paraíso Terrenal que aparecen en las revistas de los Testigos de Jehová.
Rosa: Toda mi vida fui católica; así me criaron mis padres. Hice la primera comunión, aprendí las oraciones que me enseñaron, y nunca me pregunté por qué los evangélicos y protestantes piensan distinto. Espero que eso no sea problema ahora que estoy muerta. Si, en realidad, todos somos cristianos…
Evelyn: Blimey, this is so unfortu­nate! A young maiden, way too young to pass away! I wonder what did her in.
Rosa: Fue un accidente de montaña. Supongo que me lo busqué; yo fui la que quiso hacer ese viaje.
Rosa: That's so sad! Looking for new sensations, the adventures of many a young folk have ended badly. So much energy, so little care!
Rosa: Es la única vez que intenté hacer algo de esa magnitud. Siempre he sido muy señorita y muy cuidadosa. Hay gente que se la pasa toda la vida haciendo tonterías, y una cae con el primer paso en falso.
Evelyn: Well, that's bound to happen when one suddenly tries to play against type.
Evelyn: My name is Evelyn, and I was a theatre actress. I began playing musical comedies and operettas.
Evelyn: One day, I tried to play a more serious role, and it was a complete disaster, even though I loved that play. Later, I acted in pantomimes and… more operettas and musicals. That was my thing, I couldn't do something else.
Evelyn: On the other hand, I think that it's better to have failed than to never try something at all, than to always keep wondering what could have been.
Evelyn: You died following your dreams, right? That sounds amazing.
Rosa: Supongo que tiene razón. Por cierto, doña Evelyn… ¿De qué murio usted?
Evelyn: Of old age, I guess, as I was 95 years old already. One moment I was doing my daily routine, and the next moment I could not breathe anymore. And you, how old you were?
Rosa: Iba a cumplir 14 en una semana más.
Evelyn: 14… I was 15 years old when made my first stage appearance. My character was to become pregnant during the play, even though I thought of myself as still a young girl, too young to get married like Nang-Ping.
Rosa: Pienso exactamente lo mismo. Demasiado joven.