#154: The hero of the day - 2009-07-27

Hugo was speaking about Rosa. She told that many times to him, and now she was hurt by the nonsense that Hugo was spewing.

- Hugo...
- You appeared! What where you thinking about? Come talk with us, Rosa! Or you've got nothing to talk about?
- To talk or to fight? Because yeah, I've got something to tell you, Hugo. In the first place, that day when I scolded you, it wasn't precisely because of a more than seven meters tall apple tree full of delicious fruit. It wasn't even an adult tree! That tree you climbed that day wasn't there when we moved to our current house... And you broke many branches from it, and I showed them to you! Now, I'm gently requesting you that you show me any branch I broke when I climbed this tree...

Almost none of the apples that Pedro made fall to the floor were still there. Those apples fell alone, without branches. And there was no other branch in the ground several meters around... just a pile of leaves.

- You worry only when it befits you, when you can say that you prefer your apples to be given in a silver plate. With what face can you come to me and say that I...?
- I'm sorry, I just wanted to tell you that you contradicted your...
- Because I climbed a tree too? Please, you can't compare! We climbed to look for food, not because of a stupid football! And we don't break the branches like certain other people do! Can you say you take better care of the trees than us? Just shut up, won't you think?


Hugo didn't know how to defend against these words. Eliana applauded her sister, while Pedro laughed... although deep inside the three siblings were all scared; few things in life are more dreadful than seeing a person like Rosa lose her patience and become angry with one.

- Oh, kids! - Eliana suggested - You know? We're fighting because of nothing but nonsense, and this isn't doing good to us. It seems that hunger is driving us nuts, kids, but I think our finding of these apples will alleviate our problems. Changing the subject, Rosa, now that you're back with us... Didn't you feel how these dogs threw themselves to you?
- I didn't feel anything... I couldn't sleep tonight, and I'm still quite sleepy...

Rosa yawns.

- Rosa.. don't look to me... with Pedro we carried you during more than a hour and...
- Big deal, Hugo. - Pedro interrupted - Don't worry, Rosa. If you fall asleep, I'll carry you.
- Oh, you're unusually kind today, Pedro! Not only you're the hero of the day but also...!
- Yeah, Eli! I'm the hero of the day!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- However, I must tell you - Hugo cried - that this will only last until we find a town or something!
- What are you talking about, Hugo?
- Eliana will take your place. She will feed us because she's got money!
- WHAT!? What made you think that I have money? Uh?
- Eliana, you always carry money with you. We know it.
- Always?
- Come on! Just when we're all on our own and we don't know where we are...!
- Well, yeah, I've got some money, but...
- Excellent!
- But it'll be of no use if there's no place to spend it in kilometers around...
- That's right! But please promise us that you'll buy food when we find a place! Right?
- I don't want to think on buying food while we still have apples on our backpacks.
- I have no apples in my backpack...
- I have five apples left - said Pedro.
- Only three here! - said Rosa.
- And I have 10! Don't worry, Hugo, there's something to eat, let's keep walking without getting bored or thinking about nonsense! Let's leave our energies for the road, and keep going! Do you agree?
- I suppose... Would you let me carry some of your apples?
- Okay, take five. But don't eat them yet.
- Roger.

Now things looked more favorable to the kids. Not only they had enough fruit to alleviate the hunger, they also had money for when they get out of fruit. After some walking they found an abandoned water pump. Pedro took from his backpack a can that had some things for grandmother Ester, took everything from it into a bag. He then washed the can and filled it with water. It was now getting late, and they decided to stop there and to light a campfire, using some matches Eliana carried. Over the campfire they boiled the water in the can, and prepared some tea with some tea bags that were at Pedro's backpack. After the tea, they decided to sleep.