#157: Sorting the house - 2009-08-11

Rosa looked with resignation the lifeless body of that bird, trying to get calm and to figure out how to prepare it. Pedro and Hugo quickly started a campfire.

- I need to skin the goose and to wash it well; if we had salt, we could have cleaned it well... it won't taste good, I'll do what I can.

Rosa spent a long while preparing the animal to be roasted. Pedro and Hugo looked at her impatiently, although the sight of that bloodied corpse wasn't an enjoyable show.

When it was ready, the kids told her to choose the best meat from the bird. Rosa could only take a leg, whose taste wasn't as enjoyable as she would have wished.


- Don't feel that way, Rosita. - Pedro told her as she looked depressed - We're in the middle of nowhere, so we have to eat whatever we can.
- But it's badly done! - Rosa lamented.

- Considering that there's no hot water, no salt, no carrots, no onions... I think it's very good.

In fact, the kids quickly devoured the goose's meat, as they were dying of hunger because of so much walking. Soon, they continued walking, until they met a scenery that looked familiar.

- Now, where do we go? - Hugo asked, being the first to notice.
- The same way, I guess. - Pedro responded - I suppose it'll eventually lead us somewhere, right?
- I doubt it. Do you see that little fell tree?
- Yeah. Why?
- At that turn there's the apple tree that yesterday...
- There!?
- Yeah, there. We came back to the same place where we were yesterday...

The kids looked at each other confused. Up until that moment, each of them gave their own hunch about the road they should follow, but that clearly wasn't working.

- Now, I think we have to follow the east path; it branches to the south until where there is another fork, from where we came, only this time we'll follow straight to the south...
- To the south? Until where? - Eliana asked.
- I think Talca is farther south from here, because won't you see that the pickup made a turn and threw us to the truck. Then the truck should have followed a straight path until where there's a fork to the left and then...
- No, Hugo. Look.


Eliana took a stick and made a trace of what, she thought, would be their position relative to the cities that could be closer, in order to explain her point better.

- Here, our pickup took an U-turn to the south, and this curve...
- No. That curve was further behind. Remember that we returned somewhere, and then the U-turn made the pickup turn to the east, right to Talca...
- To San Javier, Hugo... And you're wrong again. At this curve we would have taken a route to the south, then eastwards and then another one, and if you join this line to San Javier, and this other one, you obtain a 45° angle with the parallel...
- Oh, that's right, but later there's ANOTHER curve that follows southwards, and then, with the same latitude as where we fell, follows back to San Javier to the east...
- That's not right! We already passed that curve, and the road west to Talca is closed...
- Hey, - Pedro interrupted - Weren't you sleeping when the truck jumped?
- Nobody can sleep with the amount of coffee we drank the night before to stay asleep, Pedro. I was exhausted too, but I still couldn't sleeep well..
- Excuse me, - Rosa tried to make herself lisen - but I think there's another way; instead of following the fork to the south, we could go to the west there.
- We won't be back at Talca that way - Hugo indicated.
- No?
- No. The most likely thing is that, if we follow a straight path following the this route, we lose ourselves too much far away from the Panam'.
- Whoever told you that we're at either side of the Panam'? - Eliana said - Also, if it was as you said, we could reach the coast, and from there we inevitably could reach, walking, either our house or any city at the coast.

With that comment, Eliana destroyed her siblings' assumptions, as they only aspired to reach the Panamerican Highway in order to orient themselves.

- Nice idea, Eliana! To the west, let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.