#185: Introduced to the family - 2010-08-17

Carola stayed at dawn with Hugo, working on the robot. At Sunday noon, exhausted but very joyful, she returned to her house. Hugo slept during a couple hours and then resumed his work. Eliana worked on two shifts of four hours each during Sunday, and was already sleeping on her bed at twenty o'clock.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Pedro were helping with house chores. The school uniforms and supplies were already ready, but they still needed to pack for the travel. Grandmother Atsuko suggested travelling with only one change of clothing per person, as she was going to buy clothes for everyone when they arrived, but also warned of the low temperatures they will face in Japan and the stopover in New York.

Things were almost ready for the departure, and those who slept that night - everyone except Hugo - dreamed with the last time they saw the grandparents, during the Christmas of 1985. Pedro didn't remember those days, but he still dreamed inspired in the photographs that survived from that time.

However, the next morning, the topic of conversation at home would be something else.

Monday, January 31, 1995.

- “ Girls. Wake up now. It's ready. Hugo is ready. ”
- “ Uh? ” - Rosa stared at Pedro, puzzled - “ What are you talking about? ”
- “ Hugo's robot. ” - Eliana answered, jumping from her bed unusually spirited, because of the anxiety that overwhelmed her, more so than her siblings, as she assisted Hugo during more than two months on this extremely ambitious project.
- “ What? So soon? I thought it would be more than a year of work! ”
- “ Perhaps it'll be so, Rosa. But today it's assembled at least, and it moves. Let's go see it. ”

Pedro quickly walked down to the workshop, and the girls followed him after changing clothes. The workshop's door was closed, and Hugo was making a lot of noise from inside. Soon, a flash of light was seen from below the door, and then the workshop's lights went down.

When they opened the door, the kids found a pigsty, full of scattered papers, most precious chips left at easy reach from any shoe's sole, and random damage. In the middle of the room, a motionless figure, about two meters tall, was covered by a black sheet... When they saw it, Eliana and Pedro discussed something in secret, while Rosa stared stunned... But Hugo appeared from below the table, and stood in front of his siblings in order to explain then what happned.

- “ I'm sorry, kids, but a failure happened at this lab's power supply system, so because of this darkness I shall show you my invention at the bedroom... ”
- “ And back! ” - announced Pedro, and offered his help at carrying that hulk to the second floor.

Once the robot was installed close to the door, still covered in the sheet, Hugo started his speech. Curiously, without Mom and Dad's presence, as they were still sleeping.

- “ Ladies and gentleman, I've summoned you to this place, in order to show you an invention that will revolutionize the manner upon which the daily activities are carried over at our house. What you're going to see now, is the fruit of long sleepless nights and a thorough study of the arts of the Electronics. Before anything, I want to thank my most humble, but not the least valuable, contributor, because without her help, this project would have been literally imposible. Please give a big applause to our skillful sister, Eliana! ”

Everyone applauded, letting themselves be overcome by emotion.

- “ Any words for the public, Eliana? ”
- “ No, thanks. ”
- “ Well, and now... ”
- “ Come on! Show us that thing now! We don't have a lot of time to wait so you stop being so nervous! ”

In fact, Hugo was very nervous. The memories of the “ teleporting machine ” and the problems it caused still haunted his mind, not to mention the electricity bill for more than three hundred thousand chilean pesos of the time, that was still not completely paid. Of course, the idea of using that machine - dismantled as soon as Rosa was returned to Chile - in order to travel to Japan was considered extremely absurd and dangerous, and the resulting electricity bill would likely have costed much more than the roundtrip airfare...

- “ Err.. O-kay! Without further ado, I have the pleasure to show you my new creation...! ”

Hugo finally lifts the sheet and shows a metallic hulk, humanoid in shape, that was sitting motionless over a table chair.

- “ My new ultra-robot X-25! It's a robot capable of...! ”
- “ X-25? ” - Rosa asked.
- “ Uh... Yeah, X-25. ”
- “ And why not X-24? What happened to the other X's? Why 25? ”
- “ Well, uh... ”

Pedro laughed like crazy, while Eliana explained.

- “ The other 24 were other ideas about how this hulk could be, and this includes those tiny remote-controlled dummies of us that were scattered about... ”
- “ Oh, and also those others that I saw some time ago, those were almost all small...! ”
- “ Well, ” - Hugo added, crestfallen - “ those were outdated models... In fact, they were simple toys, not robots. ”
- “ And they didn't last for an hours... You should rebuild those that looked like us at least... ”
- “ Yeah, maybe. Now I want to show you the unique features of this ultra-robot. Well, the X-25... ”

Pedro raised his hand.

- “ Hey, Hugo, I want to tell you something...! ”
- “ Tell me, please... ”
- “ It's just that... We already thought of a name for it! ”
- “ For who? For my robot? ”