#202: We arrived at night, and our grandparents waited for us in front of their house. - 2010-11-11


- Clara: Eliana! Since when you're cross-eyed like that?
- Eliana: I get cross-eyed when I feel intense emotions, anger, sadness, fear, happiness. I think the first time was when you cut my hair...
- Atsuko: Huh? Your hair is very long! Did you have it longer than this?
- Eliana: It's more complicated than that, grandma. Until september from last year, my hair stayed pretty much at the same length, about a meter and a half. Then, we had a fight with mom, and she cut my hair up to a bit below the shoulders.
- Clara: Yes, and then this girl made me a remonstrance, and stopped eating. My daughter almost died because of that foolnes! Obviously, her hair didn't grow back until she resumed eating.
- Eliana: (looking to the floor) Yeah, that's how it happened. And when I was at the hospital, recovering, my hair started growing back at an uncontrolled rate. Now I have to cut it once in a while, or it becomes too heavy and I can't carry it around.

Clara and Eliana hug, demonstrating that this incident is already part of the past.

- Atsuko: Oh... that's amazing. And your hair is quite pretty.
- Eliana: Not now. I haven't taken care of it properly. Tomorrow in the morning I will get it tidy.
- Atsuko: And, tell me something... You really like to go around with your hair that long?
- Eliana: It's the only part of my body that's beautiful.