#237: Summarizing... - 2011-07-28

The trip back to Kōbe was much shorter than it was last time, because traffic wasn't as jammed in the highway; it seems that they opened an alternate route. Rain made our heroes walk quickly from the bus stop to the grandparents' house; only once they were inside they took a moment to think about the great luck they had as a family, as they didn't have to mourn any loss after the earthquake.

Outside, destruction was everywhere. Many people were still in shelters, because they had lost everything. The people who lived next to Atsuko's house, however, decided to return to their plot of land, installing a wooden hut over the rubble that remained from their home.

Inside, a beautiful and welcoming house awaited for them. Eliana was the first one to take shelter at the kotatsu, while Hugo walked upstairs to the second floor in order to carry out what he constantly begged Carlos and Atsuko to let him do: a long-distance call.


- " I'm sick of SAPOCOP! He spews out nonsense all day! Why didn't you take it with you to Japan? "

- " Uh... Carola? How did you know it was me? "

- " Pensi che io sia stupida!? It's one o'clock! Who else would call at this time of the morning? "

- " Oh, sorry... I should have called earlier... In any case, if SAPOCOP is talking, that's Eliana's fault.

- " I'm not sure, that girl seems too sensible to produce such absurd invention. "

- " Do not think she's so sensible. By the way, what kind of things SAPOCOP said? "

- " Do you remember that chapter of 'Little Lulu', that one with the female doll with the male voice? "

- " Grr... yes, how could I forget... "

- " ... "

Hugo then took the rest of the minutes he was allowed to spend in this call to narrate Carola the adventures they lived so far in Japan.

Meanwhile, Pedro felt curiosity for an object that was connected to the TV: a fourth-generation game console. The kids would then turn during five hours in order to play with it.

Meanwhile, Atsuko was teaching Rosa how to make some Japanese recipes, which would become the dinner. The day flew away quickly.