#245: Useless visit - 2011-10-11


When she was walking downstairs, Rosa was blocked by SAPOCOP.

- " Hugo? Are you around? "

- " Yes, in the bathroom! "

- " You left your robot blocking the way at the staircase! "

- " What did you say? But it was at the workshop! "

- " So, you're going to tell me that it came here on its own! "

- " Just wait a moment, I'll get out soon! "

Hugo left the bathroom and was amazed of SAPOCOP's position.

- " SAPOCOP! Come here! "

- " Negative. "

- " What? How you dare disobey my orders? I built you, and I can destroy you if I want! Already! "

Hugo then proceeded to carry SAPOCOP back to the workshop.

- " You shouldn't go to that place. " - SAPOCOP said Rosa - " It's dangerous. "

- " Hugo, why is your robot saying those things? "

- " Damned if I know! Eliana programmed it! And she doesn't want to tell me anything, she just giggles to herself! "

- " DON'T GO! DON'T GO! "


Rosa left the house without listening to SAPOCOP. When she arrived to Rafael's home, she met Gastón instead.

- " Rafael didn't return from Talca. He said he was going to return the night before the first day of school. Then, you'll be able to talk with him. "

- " He's not here... boo. I wanted to tell him about my trip... Well, thanks.

But Rosa had a bad feeling about it. Did SAPOCOP feel that too? Would it have been better to listen to SAPOCOP's words? But it's just a robot!

Gaston stood during two minutes at his house's entrance door, after dismissing Rosa. Then, he entered the house and closed the door.

- " Why didn't you want to talk to her? Aren't you doing to tell her...? "

- " No, I don't know, Gastón. To be honest, I don't know what to do! "