#280: Introducing the teams - 2013-03-29

Ladies and gentlemen. Before the main match of the day, we'll watch an encounter between two youth teams.

Wearing the colors of the Forestal Sports Team, we'll see a selection of second-grade students from the Polytechnic High School

Number 7, Andrea Méndez.

Number 6, Eduardo Sepúlveda.

Number 14, Hugo Martínez.

Number 10, Juan Marín.

Number 4, Francisco Aguilera.


Number 8, Andrés Parra.

Number 12, Rodrigo Dávalos.

And number 11, Carolina Gutiérrez.


The visitor team is a youth team with years of experience, with players of different ages, five of them siblings. With red and gold uniforms, Los Tucos.

Number 5, Elías Ramírez.

Number 14, Benedicto Ramírez.

Number 6, Pacífico Ramírez.

Number 4, Juan Ramírez.

Number 10, María Ramírez.


Number 9, Jean Vivien Thévenet.

Number 1, Marlene Aránguiz.

And number 12, 'Sheeow-shaan' Li, or however it's pronounced.