#151: The battle against the dogs - 2009-07-13

January 15, 1995

It had just dawned. The morning was very beautiful, sunny and with an enjoyable temperature. But that didn't matter to the Martínez Gómez. They were sleeping, tired of the long and fruitless walk, and sad because, in a blink of an eye, they found themselves far away from everything, completely abandoned in an unknown place and without knowing where to go.

They were hungry, but not as much as a pack of dogs that were prowling by the place. These animals, when they saw the four kids completely asleep, howled of joy. After a long time, they found food.


A small group of dogs got close to Rosa. They stared at her a lot, and compared her with the other sleeping ones. Perhaps, she was the one who looked most appetizing...

One of the dogs got even closer to her, and licked her, giving her tickles. She turned over herself and, without noticing, threw the dog away with her arm. The dog's crying caused Hugo, Eliana and Pedro to wake up. Pedro, seeing the large group of animals that surrounded Rosa, went mad.

- Hey, now, what the heck is this! Get the shit out of there!

The dogs, seeing that Pedro was scampering them, attacked him. They also attacked Eliana and Hugo as they woke up.


A chihuahua dog pulled Eliana's hair, but she could escape from it. Hugo lost chunks of his clothes, but also escaped. Both jumped quickly to some trees to avoid being bitten further by the dogs.

Pedro couldn't escape, because too many dogs threw themselves over him. He instead defended himself courageously, and beat them very hard. Hugo and Eliana stayed at the trees for a while. Eliana cut a thick branch from a tree, and tried to help Pedro, but had to flee back to the tree because a doberman dog, larger than a horse and with very explicit, nasty intentions, was charging towards her. Of course, Eliana was filled with horror.

While a group of dogs inflicted all their fury against Pedro, another group kept surrounding Rosa, staring at her. Why didn't they attack her? That was something not even the dogs could understand. Only one of these animals, a white bitch with the demeanor of a dominant female, walked between the dogs and got close to Rosa. It seemed that she wasn't as afraid of her as the other dogs from the pack.

However, not even her could give Rosa the first bite, because finally, Pedro could dispatch the doberman that made Eliana flee, and expelled all the dogs that were around Rosa. Not even Pedro's brutal shouting nor the dogs' wailing in pain could wake Rosa up.