#152: Fighting against boredom - 2009-07-18

After the fight against the dogs ended, Pedro called his brothers so they could help him wake Rosa up. She barely opened her eyes, but couldn't react, and stayed asleep.

Of course, none of the kids had slept well that night, but Rosa was the most tired one, as she stayed awake taking care of her siblings until late. On the other hand, Eliana fell asleep much earlier, that's why it wasn't so difficult for her to wake up.

All following attempts at waking Rosa up were futile, and Hugo carried her over his back so they could keep walking. Between him and Pedro, they made turns to carry her.


Rosa could only wake up just over an hour later, when Pedro tried again to wake her up, so to continue their journey without having to carry her around. They already had walked a long way making turns between him and Hugo, and they were already tired of that.

After Pedro and Hugo took a rest and after Rosa woke up, they continued walking and, after telling Rosa what happened, they started talking about anything that passed through their minds, so to avoid getting bored...

Although, honestly, the landscape as rather dull, it seemed to be an unendingly long forest, far away from any sign of civilization. The Andes seemed like a way to orientate, as it usually ran from north to south; however, they didn't seem to have displaced a lot, even the mountain that presided over them seemed to be the same as the day before, before they asked the fat lady for a hike...

After walking for a short while, something like a line noise started becoming heard, and they couldn't determine its source. Shortly later, the noise became more intense and clear, allowing them to distinguish, between the annoying noise, some very ancient and romantic voices...

" Oh, kids! Look at this! I had left my radio on! And now it's playing again! "

" I didn't notice you had a radio... " - Hugo said.

" I forgot that I brought it, too... "

" Those are great news. " - Eliana noted - " If there's radio signal here, there must be some repeating antenna around here, or a city. "

" And we'll find it. " - Pedro promised, confident - " Pump the volume up, so we all can listen. "

The radio didn't play very well, but at least it was better than nothing. They decided to follow the way towards where the signal felt better, in order to have some hope to find help nearby... It was no longer necessary to keep talking about so much stupid things, but there was still something that didn't felt quite right...

" Rosa... "

" Yes, Hugo? "

" Which radio station is that? "

" Well, "Aurora", I always listen to it... "

" But switch to "Rock n' Pop" instead! " - Hugo and Pedro cried altogether.

" Uh? But... "

" Yeah, switch to Rock n' Pop! " - Eliana added - " You're a 12 years old girl, not a middle-aged mother of three! Listen to music according to your age! "

" As you wish... "

Therefore, Rosa decided to walk a little behind from her brothers and, while they enjoyed King Africa, Jovanotti, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Los Auténticos Decadentes and other bands that were successful during the first half of the 90's, Rosa kept singing ancient romantic ballads of José Luis Perales, Ana Belén, Mocedades, Paloma San Basilio, etc., to herself...