#220: We fell asleep and missed our stop - 2011-03-28

When Clara woke up, the train was closing its doors and leaving the station. When she opened the windows, she noticed that the snow-covered hills had disappeared, being replaced by a tunnel. Quite soon she noticed that one of the station's pillars had a banner, written from top to bottom, with the name of the station, exactly as it appeared at the map they studied many times. ゆびそ.

- “ Juan! Kids! Wake up! We missed our stop at Minakami! We slept through it! ”

But the train was already moving. They wouldn't be able to get off until the next station.

- “ What? What happened, Clara? ”

- “ We fell asleep! The train is now leaving Yubiso station, which is the one that follows Minakami! God! What are we going to do now? ”

- “ Stay calm. ” - Juan replied to Clara - “ We will get out at the next station and take a train back. ”

- “ Huh? What if it takes a while to come? ”

- “ Then we will take a bus. We will pay it if it's necessary to do so. But we have no reason to get desperate. ”

Juan didn't know it, but indeed there were great reasons to get desperate. The next station was... Doai, the mole station.


Upon seeing the exit staircase, which extended up to infinity, the Martínez Gómez family became thunderstruck, and Clara had steam coming from her ears. They couldn't get out from their astonishment when the train was already leaving the station.


- “ Too late, Mom. The only way out is upstairs. ”

- “ Er... perhaps we could wait for the next train that passes at this dock... Rosa, go ask the guardsman... ”

- “ OK! ”

As Rosa was asking, the others stood staring at a signboard in Japanese with some cartoon moles drawn on.

- “ The next train will pass an hour later at this dock. There's a train going back to Minakami... that one passes in half an hour at the other dock. ”

- “ Another dock? ”

- “ Yes. It's upstairs, at the surface, at the end of that staircase. ”


- “ ... I didn't think of asking that. But all the trains going north at JR Jōetsu line pass at here. ”

- “ Grrr! Now tell me, what the heck does this signboard say. ”

- “ Oh... ” - Rosa tries to decypher the text in the signboard, with a lot of difficulty - “ ... this signboard notes various data about this tunnel. How many stairs up there, how much it takes walking them, etc. ”

- “ And how much it takes walking it? ”

- “ About ten minutes... ”

- “ [...] ”