#219: The doctor's secrets - 2011-03-19

Rosa was very depressed. It's impossible to stay indifferent to the stories that each message carried with itself. Stories about disaster, death and sadness, written by survivors looking for help. Being the only one who speaks Japanese in this family of six had been, for her, more of a curse than a blessing. Her parents and siblings accompany her, taking care of her, carrying the baggage, and supporting her morally.

Now, however, the first-priority messaging parade was about to end in Tōkyō. Soon, they would take the bullet train to Takasaki, and then they'll change trains to go to Minakami.

There was just one message left to deliver, to a building in the neighborhood of Kōtō. A very robust man was going downstairs, dressed in a navy blue yukata, and wearing a traditional japanese hairdo. A Sumo wrestler.

The wrestler stared at Rosa, nervously. Rosa got more scared than him, for obvious reasons.

- “ 本当だった! ” (It was true!), he exclaimed.

Rosa just crouched her head, visibly ashamed. The wrestler continued his way, and the Martínez Gómez continued theirs, going upstairs.

At that place, there was a dental clinic. A dentist, a woman of about 40 years old but still quite pretty, was talking with a client she just finished attending, and looked askance at the newcomers. The receptionist, a short, very young lady, came upstairs quickly, and arrived apologizing.

At that moment, the noise of a machine that was being used by another dentist to clean his client's teeth started to sound. Rosa asked the receptionist for the person to whom the message was destinated. Doctor Makoto Nishikimoto was busy with a client, and soon the noise of his machine was letting itself be heard too. They had to wait until he was finished with his client.

But doctor Nishikimoto wasn't the first one who left his room with his client. Instead, it was a man of many years, dark skin and small height, whose face was immediately recognized by the whole family.

- “ Huh? Isn't that... Genshirō Yamamoto? ”

- “ Doctor Yamamoto for you all! ” - he replied, showing his annoyance - “ What are you doing here, carajo! ”

- “ We came to talk with doctor Nishikimoto... we had no idea that you worked here... ”

- “ Hah! I'm sure that you perfected that machine from hell, and now you can travel to Japan for free! No? ”

- “ No... er... we destroyed it. ”

- “ Really? Don't bull me! ”

- “ Really. It should have never worked. That was just a wooden framework with a lamp on it. I built it in order to carry out a magic trick, and it didn't work. I don't understand how Rosa could have been teleported here to Japan! ”

- “ So you are going to make me believe that what happened was caused by a magic trick! I indeed saw you with the remote control when you brought me to your house and then brought me back to Japan, ! ”

- “ That was the only thing that I could think to do. I wanted to bring Rosa back, not you. ”

- “ Oh, well, I don't care about all that anymore! Talk with doctor Nishikimoto and leave this place! ”

- “ Wait... doctor Yamamoto... my grandmother explained to me what was a gyōji, and she told me that you the gyōji worked for a heya. How it was possible that you could be both a gyōji and a dentist? ”

- “ Come here. I'll tell you a secret. But don't tell anyone. ”


Doctor Yamamoto and the Martínez Gómez walked down to the garden.

- “ Indeed, I'm not a gyōji. In fact, Rosa, I already told you that I'm not a shintoist. ”

- “ You're not a gyōji? But... that sumo wrestler we just saw... ”

- “ I'm a dentist. The wrestler is my customer. I have a deal with some heya around here. Sumo wrestlers eat very well, they take a lot of care for themselves, but sometimes they suffer accidents, and also it would be really bad for them to have some dental problem. The highest-ranked wrestlers are very famous people, and they have to take care of their public image. ”

- “ Oh. ”

- “ If I did arbitrate the fights that day, that was because of a major problem. The gyōji I replaced had an accident, but we were in the middle of a honbasho, and they didn't have another gyōji that could replace him. Do you remember the gyōji that arbitrated your fight against that wrestler? He was the true gyōji! ”

- “ Oh. ”

- “ And I was doing it remarkably well, , until you fell to the dohyō and ruined it all! I'm a sumo expert, many times I've given my opinion in difficult decisions! And well, I already told you the story of my life, so I must leave now, here comes my customer! ”

- “ A last question... Why are you talking like a peruvian? ”

- “ Because I am peruvian, and very proud of it! From the heroic city of San Pedro de Tacna, so you get to know me! ”

Doctor Yamamoto then left to attend his customer. By then, doctor Nishikimoto was done attending another client, and made them all enter his office. For him, there were only good news. His daughter gave birth to triplets, and her right leg got better, she would no longer need to be amputated. But she, a flower arranger and a single mother, had lost all her possessions, and needed help. Doctor Nishikimoto would leave to Kōbe that very afternoon.

After that, they took the subway to Ryōgoku station, from where they would take a train using the rail passes. But before leaving, they decided to eat something. This time wasn't honbasho time (a honbasho is an official sumo tournament), but they still were nervous about being there. They didn't meet another sumo wrestler at that time of the day. They saw a banner about a restaurant a few blocks from the subway station, so they went there. They ate a stew named chankonabe... which was prepared by a retired sumo wrestler.