#229: Warm-up trips - 2011-05-04


After a short trip around the surroundings of Minakami, our heroes boarded a train to Tōkyō, from which they took the bullet train to Ōsaka, reaching the Nishida house during the night.

There, a large pile of messages awaited for them, none of them urgent, but that nevertheless had to be delivered at many places in Japan.

There was nothing else to do until the weekend, so during Thursday and Friday they decided to deliver the messages that were to delivered to Western Japan, reaching places like Himeji, Okayama, Hiroshima y Yamaguchi (on Thursday) and Hakata and Kumamoto on Friday.

On Saturday, they all woke up relatively late, in order to be well-rested. Soon, the grandparents, Atsuko Nishida and Carlos Martínez, appeared, in order to prepare the already announced duel between Shigeru Nishida and Juan Martínez.

The hosts prepared a mostly typical japanese breakfast, with rice, miso soup, some forest berries and some small cakes brought by the grandparents.