#230: Time to start - 2011-05-24

“ I must be honest with you all. I have no chance to defeat Shigeru Nishida. Before the fight starts, I shall proceed to tell you my personal history with Martial Arts. ”

“ When I was young, my mother always wanted me to be another member of the Nishida family. The tradition started with my mother's grandparents, who met at one of many university Karate clubs directed by master Gichin Funakoshi. All the descendants of those two lovers of yore would be black belts, and my mother considered that my brother Miguel and I, despite being the sons of a chilean father, couldn't be the exception to the rule. So, I could become a black belt at the young age of 16 years old, being one of the youngest chileans in achieving that rank during the seventies. ”

“ But later, when my parents and brother had to migrate to Japan, I was left alone, and I no longer wanted to keep practicing martial arts. I lived for many years in Talca, at the house of Clara's parents, working for them and studying. Later, I became independent, formed a family with Clara, and the rest is history. But I only practiced sporadically, joining some ocassional Karate exhibition in order to keep a good physical shape. I've never taught my children Karate because I knew that I wasn't practicing constantly, and that I never had what it takes to teach martial arts. ”

“ Shigeru Nishida, instead, practiced Karate and other martial arts during all his life. He's a bit younger than me, and didn't become a black belt until 1982, but it's been more than twelve years, and he practiced all this time, while I haven't done anything. ”

“ Why fight, then? Why make a fool of myself in front of all my family? Why accept a challenge I can't accomplish? It's better than not doing it, than telling my mother: ‘ No, I did nothing ’. I consider that it would be much more forgivable, if I try and fail, than not even trying. Being a cowardly man in my family is something unforgivable. ”