#235: Kumite among family - 2011-07-07

Eliana and Pedro waited eagerly the choice of their third cousin, this japanese girl named Naoko. She was nervous, she knew that they were talented although lacking practice, because Rosa already told her about them.

Suddenly, she decided to test by herself whether what Rosa told her was right, throwing a punch towards Eliana's body, so sudden and quick that Bruce Lee himself would be proud. But Eliana dodged it without any trouble. Naoko, amazed by Eliana's reflexes, tried many other hits, without success, and then gave up on her.

- " No, this is impossible! Pedro, I'll practice with you! At least, your abilities aren't superhuman! I'll manage with you! "

- " Hah! Don't underestimate me, Naoko! I'm superb at fighting! Also, regarding physical strength, there's just no possible comparison! You'll need to defend very well if you don't want to get hurt! And I'll have to hold back a lot! "

- " How strong are you? Rosa told me about it, but she didn't give me any details. "

- " Last week, I carried Rosa in my arms, while she was carrying Shigeru over her shoulders! "

- " What!? She's strong too!? And you...! No, that's impossible! "

- " But don't worry about that! I'll hit you softly! In fact, I want to practice in order to better control my movements, because that's what my great-aunt Misato told me I needed to do. "

- " Be good to me, then! Ok? "

- " Ok! "

Then, Eliana decided to practice alone, because she didn't want to take off the gi she just wore. Meanwhile, Shigeru told Juan via Ryōko that he wasn't willing to give Juan a revenge, and instead decided to challenge Juan's brother, Miguel. Ryōko, Shigeru's sister, offered Juan a consolation fight; Juan accepted reluctantly. Also, Misato and Atsuko returned to the dōjō, also dressed in Karate gi, because Atsuko felt humiliated for having to dress like the protagonist of the ancient anime and manga "Himitsu no Akko-chan", and wanted a fight to get even with her sister-in-law.


Until he saw himself knocked down on the floor by his cousin, Juan didn't realize how much practice he lacked. In Chile, Ryōko could be considered worthy of being a Karate master, and Samuel Gutiérrez had nothing on her. In Japan, she was a mere green belt, yet another random Karate student. She wasn't even considered talented by her family, and she wasn't expected to become so.

One who was actually expected to stand up for Carlos and Atsuko's family was Miguel, the son who, unlike Juan, did follow them to Japan, and even received his black belt at that very dōjō. But Miguel performed even worse than Juan.

Atsuko was the only one from them that demonstrated superiority against her opponent, even though Misato didn't hold back and resisted fiercely. They kept training together for a while until it was time to say goodbye to the guests.

Pedro surprised Naoko with his ability. He didn't attack much, he instead spent most of the time blocking her attacks and countering her movements. After a while, he realized that Naoko's weaknesses went further than just being a woman and physically weaker; she had some failures at her defense too, which Pedro exploited thoroughly. On the other hand, Pedro's most visible weaknesses were being slower and not quite good at controlling his strength, but his counterattacking strategy just required him to anticipate his rival's movement and find openings. If Pedro went all attacking against Naoko, he wouldn't have stood any chance against a Nakoko who was expert at playing with the opponent's strength and also quite a lot faster and brighter than him.

Finally, it became night, and with that dinner time came. All those who trained and practiced were tired. After Juan and Shigeru's fight, great uncle Hiroshi retired to prepare dinner, and used the chance to teach Rosa (who else) how to make okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake made mainly of grated (tororo) Chinese yam (nagaimo), flour, eggs and shredded cabbage, plus countless other ingredients at the eater's choice, which in this case included typical ingredents like aonori, katsuobushi, octopus, pork, cheese, okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, together with innovations like avocado, spicy pork sausage, olives, onion fries and cauliflower fries.