#426: Trubunleo - 2017-05-15

María: Strange, the stream is dry!
Pedro: Huh?
María: This is the course of the Trubunleo stream. Up there, two beautiful waterfalls can be seen during winter.
Rosa: We can take a break here if you wish.
María: OF COURSE NOT! Come here during winter if you want to get to know this place better! I just want to show you my secret place!
María: Also, we've only walked for an hour. Why do you want to rest? Oh, right. Because you're wearing sandals.
Rosa: No, it's not for me, uh...
María: Anyone else wants to rest? No? Let's go.
Rosa: ... Ouch.
Eliana: So this is the place. Hmm... I'll go there to find out about a few things. I can't be careful enough, with this crazy old hag of our great-great-grand­mother being our guide.
Eliana: I think I'll wait inside there. I have a few ideas about improving SAPOCOP that I want to write.