#324: Unavailable - 2014-05-29

Wait! What are you doing!? Al-ready leaving?
I won't lend myself to this, Mr. Principal! Much less at my age!
But just like that, so soon! Won't you give me a chance?
Why did you think I would!? You're a married man, damn it!
Separated. And soon we will annul the...
Annulment! The Chilean way to divorce, you mean! Why get married, then!? Oh, and start looking for another teacher, because I quit!
... But please wait until Fiestas Patrias!
You won't get your severance without notice of a month in advance!
To have known that widow...
20 years ago...
Do you still think you can get a better woman than me?
Stop wasting your time, you dirty old man! I'm the only woman who would ever want to stay with you!