#328: Weird ladies - 2014-07-08

Hey, Eliana. So you'll be back to teaching, huh?
Excuse me?
I've heard that Se­púlveda is quitting...
Yeah, that's right. But no, I won't be back. She already contacted another teacher.
Darn, that's so bad!
Bad? Why?
You were very good during your tenure! You explain things much better than your crazy hag of a great-great-grand­mother!
Hey! You don't even shrug to insult her!
Don't get offended! You know it's true! The poor woman just spews out so much nonsense!
Oh, and the new teacher better be as compe­tent as miss Matilde or as you!
¡If he's an­other good-for-nothing like Leticia or Osvaldo, I'll ask him to leave myself!
And you'll have to finish the school year by yourself! Hahahahaha!
Ee, your classmate is so scary!
Don't be scared! Alicia the witch is crazy and has a frightening appear­ance, but she's harmless!
Who are you calling crazy! Ahahaha!