#342: Repressed rage - 2014-10-06

September 25, 1995
Rosa: What's happening to Li?
Carlos Mansilla: Now!
Eliana: What...NO­AAAARGH!
Eliana: OW!
Eliana: Yanking my hair and slapping my butt! Why? What's wrong with you, wretched duo!?
Carlos Mansilla: You made us suf­fer for a long time! Now you have no power over us, so we'll get our vengueance!
Eliana: I just did my job! And that's how you thank me for improv­ing your grades!
Cristián: I wanted to be nice to you, and you responded very badly! Want me to be the movie's bad boy? Well I'll show you how bad I can be!
Eliana: Get a life, you fat crybaby!
Eliana: And you, Carlos, one louse that I find and I'll make you swallow it! Got it?
Carlos Mansilla: Lice, me? Hah!
Eliana: Right, hah! Know what? Do as you wish; you won't get any­thing from me any­way! But if you mess with my hair, I won't be held responsible for my actions!
Carlos Mansilla: Wow, you're so obsessed, Rapunzel! But you know? We're not scared of you!
Carlos Mansilla, Cristián Sepúlveda: We did it! Yeah!