#343: Salinas - 2014-10-14

Profesor Salinas: Good morning, children!
Alumnos: Good morning, teacher!
Profesor Salinas: My name is Víctor Manuel Salinas. I'm your new Mathema­tics teacher. I'll also be the home­room teacher of class 6-A.
Profesor Salinas: They told me that a stud­ent from this class spent a month doing classes as a substitute teacher.
Profesor Salinas: Would miss Eliana Martínez please stand up?
Profesor Salinas: It had to be you! Just from seeing you, I realized that you were no ordinary girl!
Eliana: You say so because of my hair, teacher?
Profesor Salinas: Well, uh... that, too! Although you don't look much like a gifted student...
Profesor Salinas: Uh... I need to know what subject were you studying last class! Could you tell me?
Eliana: Yeah, sure.