#344: Outstanding - 2014-10-21

Eliana: Tell me, Rosa. What do you think about Mr. Salinas?
Rosa: Huh? Well, I think that he has a very different way of teaching to that of Miss Arrigorriaga, María or you.
Eliana: That's right. He's quite au­thoritarian...
Eliana: He doesn't encourage you to think, just to listen and to obey. I don't agree with his school.
Rosa: Do you think that he's a bad teacher?
Eliana: No, but he just sticks too much to his ideas of how things should be. Ide­as wh which I don't belong.
Rosa: What do you mean?
Eliana: I'm way too unusual, and he's annoyed by that. Me being too smart, wearing my hair too long, being too skinny... And he still doesn't know about my agility.
Rosa: Or that we are sisters.
Eliana: ... You know, Rosa? I never wanted to be a freak. When we were in Santiago, Kobe and Sap­poro, people stared at me open-mouthed. I could pass unnoticed in Tokyo, but only because it was full of bigger freaks than me.
Eliana: But I don't want this! Does being normal also imply being outstanding at nothing?
Rosa: ... I can't give a reply to that.