#345: Change of course - 2014-10-27

Eliana: An easel, Hugo? So you want to paint?
Hugo: Yeah, Eliana. It's my new hobby.
Eliana: What a change of course!
Hugo: Yeah; I've got enough Elec­tronics at school. I want to do something different now.
Eliana: What about SA­POCOP? Will you just abandon it?
Hugo: I give it to you.
Eliana: Months of work and overnight­ings. What a gift.
Eliana: Don't they mean any­thing for you now?
Hugo: Well...
Eliana: And what do you expect me to do with this wreck?
Hugo: You know how to use it better than me. I know you can improve it.
Eliana: I don't think I have the alien mind of a programammer.
Eliana: ...And that?
Hugo: That!? It's... Carola.
Eliana: Are you going to break up with her too?
Hugo: WHAT!? NO WAY!
Eliana: So don't show it to her. Tear it apart.
Hugo: ... You're too harsh to me.