#346: Sinister plans - 2014-11-07

Carlos: No, no, no, no and NO!
Cristián: But Car­los! Don't you think that it's too much?
Carlos: Won't your broken heart let you even think? Eliana is way too clever and elusive! We need to bring out the big guns!
Cristián: What if we get in trouble?
Carlos: I don't recognize you, Cris­tián. You weren't that cowardly before.
Cristián: Well, excuse me for growing up a little.
Carlos: What are you talking about!? Becoming a man is not about a­voiding challenges, but conquer­ing them! And you're not letting that midget leave you down on the floor just like that! Will you?
Cristián: ...
Carlos: You know what? Just leave it to me! I think I have some ideas, but I'll better explain it tomorrow.
Cristián: As you wish. See you later.
Cristián: Huh, he dropped something!
Cristián: Marcela Kahn, from class 8-B...?
Cristián: What a surprise! And he calls me "lovestruck"?