#347: Pride - 2014-11-17

Carlos: The pro­blem is that they always go together...
Rodolfo: „... fragt der Ober freund­lich. ‚Bier sehr gut, aber Kekse sehr hart‘“.
Marcela: Hahaha! Das ist so lustig!
Rodolfo: Halt! Ist das nicht Mäd­chen Li?
Marcela: Sie weint!
Rodolfo: Hey, Li! What's wrong?
Li: Uh... Person­al problems. I'm not sure if I should tell you...
Rodolfo: Why not? We can become friends, if you wish so.
Li: It's really something that I can handle by myself! I don't need your help!
Rodolfo: Don't be so conceited! Just tell us what's going on!
Li: Conceited? You two never talk to anyone besides each other!
Marcela: You're mis­taken! We have many friends! You are the one who doesn't talk to anyone!
Li: But that demeanor of superiority...?
Marcela: What are you talking about? It's all in your head! You don't know us at all!
Marcela: We're Ger­mans; we have high stand­ards. We work hard and never give up.
Marcela: That's the least that can be ex­pected from us. We don't feel superior be­cause of that.