#329: Offerings - 2014-07-14

... It seems that I'm not as “gifted” as we all thought...
Such high standards you have!
You're quite late! Too much trouble with the Principal?
No, just solving some pending issues. Eliana helped me.
By the way, Rosa... I won't be the bad teacher that fails you all the time anymore...
From now on, I'll be spending more time helping you improve your grades.
Thanks... but weren't you moving to Chillán?
I decided that I'll just go to see how are my things there. I don't let you fail 8th grade if I can avoid it!
By the way, Cla­ra, I think it would be nice if one of the kids accompanied me there...
María! I want to go!
Me too!
And me!
But you'll find a mess there!
It doesn't matter! We'll go there with you!
Also, we can help you clean up!
I would be very grateful!
And you, Rosa? Will you come with us?
Go; you have my permission.
Ok, I'll go!