#325: I miss my house - 2014-06-17

The principal! Horror!
Right! I thought it could be some elderly widower, not a married old geezer!
Elderly... geezer...
Of course there is a difference! The principal is about 40 years younger than me, yet he's an unbearable old man! No way, not even if he was single!
What will you do now? He's your boss, you have to see him again tomorrow...!
I know, and I'm not taking any pressure from him. In fact, I'll quit.
Yeah, as you heard. And not just for that, but also because I don't think I did a good job as a teacher, because I'm too old for this all.
Also, I think I've been a nuisance for you for too long, hence I think it's time for me to leave.
Nooo! Where will you go?
My house, which I abandoned there in Chillán.
Your house! But it's been seven years since it's closed down!
Yeah, I did. In a fit of mad-ness, I closed everything down and left. But I want to return...