#367: Why do it? - 2015-04-27

Eliana: Bleh, I'm so bored!
Eliana: No classes, no substitutions...
Eliana: I'll better go to the li­brary, or out for a stroll...
Eliana: And you? Won't you study?
Rosa: No. Why?
Eliana: Your special exam! Won't you take it?
Rosa: I'll fail it too. I'll have to repeat the year anyway, Eliana. It doesn't make sense to keep suffering.
Eliana: I can't believe it, Rosa! After all you've been through, and right now that you've been im­proving, you're going to give up!?
Rosa: Yeah. I can't take it anymore.
Eliana: ... Did you tell Mom? And what about Rafael?
Rosa: ... I'd better not talk with her... Rafael is a lost cause, too.
Eliana: I'm not talking about that. Isn't he your best friend? Why did you go study at his home so many times?
Rosa: That's right. I don't want to bother him with my problems anymore.
Eliana: Oh, You were here.
Clara: Yeah. You gave up already?
Eliana: I don't see how else. Did you speak with her?
Clara: No. Why? I won't ask anything else from her. She had enough.
Eliana: ... This can't be right at all...
Eliana: Rafael. What are you doing here?
Rafael: Huh? I came to see Rosa... About her special exam.
Eliana: Hmmm... Ok, come inside. But no false illusions. Remember what I told you at the library.
Rafael: Hey, Eliana! Don't be so distrustful!