#380: Invisible barrier - 2015-09-09

Arnoldo: You definitely needed some sunlight, Cata­lina. Now you look much better.
Catalina: Ha, ha. It's easy for you to say that, as you don't have to choose between chocolate or dumpling.
Fulvio: Damn it! I can't score!
Agustín: You won't defeat my defense!
Rosa: I don't get it... since when it became so difficult for me to speak to you? We were the best friends before... now I feel like a total stranger...
Rosa: No, this isn't right. I must fix this somehow...
Rosa: ...
Rafael: Yes? Something wrong, Rosa?
Rosa: ...
Profesor: Kids! Lunch is ready!
Rafael: Cool! I'm starving! Let's go!
Rosa: Whyyyyyy!?