#386: Antonio's marbles - 2015-10-28

Pedro: . . .
Pedro: Hey, Antonio. How about we play “marbles”?
Antonio: Sure! Let's go to the...!
Pedro: So careless you are! You left a trail of marbles behind you! How many marbles did you have?
Antonio: Fifteen! Let's go find them!
Pedro: Keep calm! I found your marbles on the street! Take them!
Antonio: THANK YOU! I spent a lot of time collecting these marbles!
Pedro: Ok! Ok! Let's play!
Pedro: Chita! You lose!
Antonio: My last marble! Noooo!
Pedro: See?
Pedro: Antonio. In this game, you have to know when to retire. When you become addicted, you tend to lose everything.
Antonio: That's right, I became addicted.
Pedro: Only because you're my friend, I'm going to give you back your marbles. But next time I'll keep them. Understood?
Antonio: Understood, Pedro.
José: So you have to know when to retire. Right, Pedro? You faced a bigger dog, that's why we don't play anymore!
Pedro: ... Again with that.
José y Sandra: HAHAHAHA!