#385: Futility - 2015-10-19

December 17, 1995, one and a half in the morning. Clara was still awake, as some hours ago she received a call from her daughter Eliana, who was en route. Now Eliana was back home, quite sleepy.


- “ Wow, Eliana! ” - Clara said to her - “ You arrived quite soon! I thought that you would stay in Santiago for many days! ”

- “ Yeah, that was my idea. But right as I was arriving to the terminal I met Ximena. I already spoke with her, so now it makes no sense to hide from her anymore. In fact, if I hadn't already bought the ticket I wouldn't have gone anywhere. ”

- “ What did she say? I guess that she asked you to go teach Andrea. ”

- “ Yeah, and it was difficult to make her stop begging. In the end it was her father who told her to give up, as he was going to hire a specialist to give classes to Andrea. ”

- “ A specialist. I wonder if they'll be able to pay him. ”

- “ Hahaha! I wonder the same. It's just that Andrea... ”

- “ Well, what about your trip? How it went? ”

- “ So and so. Though I still visited many interesting places, also as the city is really big, with tall buildings I could climb and long distances I could cover quickly... yeah, let's say that it was good for me to get distracted for a while... but to be honest, I'm not really into touring. It would have been better if I brought money to go shopping, though I don't really need anything from Santiago... ”

- “ Clothes, maybe? ”

- “ I have enough of them. Maybe another time. I thought of bringing something from here... but I didn't know what to bring... no, I didn't want to bring anything. What I indeed did is to take photos... I'll send them to reveal tomorrow. Now, I'm quite tired, I'll go take a shower and from there to bed. ”

- “ Aren't you eating anything before? ”

- “ I ate a pan of fried eggs and ham before taking the bus back home. I paid five hundred pesos and they gave me like four eggs. They found me too skinny, as always. ”

- “ ... By the way, Eliana... How much do you weigh now? ”

- “ I don't know. I was 18 kg back in April of this year, but I think I gained some weight. ”

- “ Hmm... ”

- “ ... On another note... Any news from Hugo? ”

- “ That ungrateful kid hasn't called! After breakfast I'm going to see the Gutiérrez and ask them if they know anything about Carola and him. ”

- “ I hope that nothing has happened to them. As absent-minded as Hugo is... ”

- “ ... Let's better not talk about this matter, or I won't be able to sleep tonight. Goodnight. ”

- “ Right. Goodnight. ”

After taking a shower, Eliana found Pedro and Rosa sleeping. Rosa's pillow was wet.

- “ Rosa... ”

Rosa bashed her head against the pillow again for a while, and continued sleeping. Eliana then decided to leave her alone and to go to sleep herself.