#388: Chirimoya alegre - 2015-11-17

Eliana: I'm beginning to get bored of this. SAPOCOP is not a robot, it's a remote-con­trolled doll.
Eliana: As I get to know more about ro­bots, it appears harder. As I get to know more about Compu­ting, I like it less and less.
Mario: We're already on vacation! Why are you studying?
Eliana: Oh, hi Mario.
Mario: I've never seen you in charge of the store before...
Eliana: We're all in charge some­times. What do you want?
Mario: A popsicle. Chi­rimoya alegre.
Mario: Hey, I think that we with our classmates should do some­thing, a dinner, I don't know, because we haven't done anything this year...
Eliana: Why? Shouldn't we just wait until we finish Primary School?
Mario: To spend time with each other, to get to know each other better, to enjoy a nice time together, I don't know.
Eliana: I'm not in­terested. We see each other during the whole year. Why even more.
Eliana: Also, there are certain people I'd rather avoid outside the school; hence, I wouldn't join an event involving the whole classroom.
Mario: ... But that's not good! If you want, I can help you...
Eliana: It's a personal issue. Don't meddle in it.
Eliana: ... What are you looking at? What's wrong?
Mario: No, nothing! It's just that...
Mario: ... you look pretty today.
Eliana: Ewww! Don't you even dare to to get your hopes up with me! You're even more potbellied! Disgusting ‘Penguin’!