#390: Pelecanus thagus - 2015-12-10

Pedro : Something wrong, Rosa?
Rosa: Nothing... it's just that... it would have been great if we brought swimsuits.
Pedro : True. I didn't think about it.
Eliana : But Rosa! That water is so smelly! How can you think of swimming there!? That's so disgusting!
Rosa : But it's hot... also, if the water were so bad there wouldn't be that many pelicans.
Eliana : Ok, you win, I'll go find you a swimsuit and a towel.
Pedro : For me too, Eliana.
Eliana: Oh, these boats are so slow! But the river is way too wide, I can't cross it in a single leap.
Eliana: And that stupid pelican crosses the river flying like nothing. If I could fly like that...
Eliana: Nah! That's impossible!