#423: The messenger - 2017-03-13

Pedro: Such a sudden change of plans! We could have finished arranging the books.
María: It's not necessary. I just needed help with the furniture. I will carry the books little by little. I have my reasons.
Eliana: I guess it's because there are things that you wouldn't want us to see. Which is okay, we all have our right to privacy.
María: Actually, I didn't think about that. Yes, it'll be better if I go through the things I own before leaving them to you.
Rosa: Oi, I can't wait to be there! Anything to get away from this horrible climate!
María: Rosa, if that's all you want, you could just go back home. The climate of the coast is cooler.
Rosa: It's not the same...
Rosa: No! Go away! Don't say a word!
Gitana: But it's impor­tant! You're in great danger!
Rosa: Save your curses for yourself! I'm going there no matter what!
Gitana: Don't blame the messenger!
Gitana: Reckless child! For your whim you shall pay with your life!
María: I'm in charge of this trip. Nothing bad will happen, I assure you.
Rosa: Let's go! Don't listen to that crazy witch!