#437: The last ascent - 2017-10-30

María: Very well done! I think that we're now ready to being the ascent.
Hugo: Wow, I thought it would be more difficult! Let's go!
María: I'll do the most difficult part. You only need to hold on to the rope and climb.
Rosa: But I wanted to stay here a little longer!
Pedro: What's with you and this place, Rosa? Let's get out of here!
María: Also, it's late. We need to camp, and this is not a good place. Yeah, let's go!
María: Remember. Hold tight to the rope. Move only when I tell you so.
María: Don't do any­thing stupid. Just trust me.
Rosa: Do not stay behind! Is there something wrong? Are you tired? Do you need to use the oxygen?
Rosa: I'm okay! Just a bit distracted, that's all.
Pedro: Concentrate!
Rosa: All that I want is to laugh in the face of that devilish witch!