#448: I need to sleep - 2019-07-29

María: By the way, how did you climb, without ropes or anything? I'm sure that there was no way!
Rosa: I think that the avalanche opened a path, because I saw some ledges that I'm not sure if they were there before, though it was difficult anyway, and I had to jump at many points.
María: Unbelievable. I guess that it did help you climb the hills with Eliana.
Rosa: Well, indeed… as I was so fat back then…
Rosa: Excuse me, but I think that we should talk later. It was also hard for me to get out of the water, I spent many hours trying to break the ice, plus all that I had to climb…
I'm exhausted! I need to sleep now!
Pedro: That's okay. Rosa. We'll talk tomorrow. Get some rest.
Eliana: Something wrong, Rosa?
Rosa: It's hopeless! I can't take my sleeping bag! It's all frozen inside my backpack, and the zipper is stuck!
Eliana: Use mine, Rosa. I'm not sleepy anymore. I want to drink some tea.
María: Me too. Let's light the fire.
Rosa: What if you later get sleepy?
Eliana: Don't worry about me. I can sleep on my hair if I need to.
Rosa: But you could get sick! And I'm all wet!
Eliana: No! Calm yourself! Worry about sleeping right now, get all the rest you need. Because, as soon as you wake up, we'll get out of here. We won't keep tempting fate.
Rosa: Darn…
Hours later…
Eliana: … And I got sleepy again… Also, it's night already, and it's freezing as Hell.
Hugo: Do you want to use my sleeping bag?
Eliana: It'd rather bury myself in the snow, Hugo! Yuck! I don't know how Carola can withstand you!
María: But I just wanted to help…
Rosa: Ow, I think I got a cramp on my leg! It started to hurt a lot!
Ow! Ow! Owwwwww!
Eliana: OH, NO!