#336: Old flag - 2014-09-19

Pedro: Wow, so old are these things!
Eliana: Indeed! I forgot how much of a hoarder is María!
Rosa: Pedro... will you help me?
Pedro: Why do you want to carry that box outside?
Eliana: Ick, I felled the other door! So fragile is every­thing here!
Rosa: It's deli­cate stuff, it could break.
Hugo: Better put them inside this bag. The box won't resist.
Rosa: Thanks, Hugo.
Hugo: Look! An ancient flag!
Eliana: Whoa! It's from before when the blue square was established, in 1912!
Pedro: More than 83 years! Such a relic!
María: ENOUGH!!!
María: You bunch of punks! You are destroy­ing my house!
Eliana: But every thing is so old! They break down on contact!
Rosa: María, calm down!
María: Nonsense! You know what?
María: Down with it all! We're leaving!
Rosa: OH, NO!
Pedro: That was too much, María! You almost buried us beneath that hut!
Rosa: Eee, I fell!
Rosa: Hugo! You okay?
Hugo: Yeah, and I could save the flag.
María: I realized it! My house is uninhabitable!
Eliana: But we can repair it!
María: Some other day! Let's leave the house well closed, and go away!