#353: Nakoruru - 2015-01-11

Eliana: Rosa! Do you have a moment?
Rosa: ...I suppose...
Eliana: I want you to come to the main square! There's a new videogame I want to show you!
Rosa: But I don't like videogames!
Eliana: But there's a character that looks like you!
Rosa: ...
Rosa: Ah, Rafael!
Rafael: Howdy, Nakoruru!
Rosa: Nakoruru!?
Rafael: Yeah! It's your new nickname!
Eliana: That's who looks like you, Rosa!
Rosa: I didn't know that you liked videogames!
Rafael: I like both racing and fighting games!
Rosa: ...
Rosa: But that game is full of bloodshed!!!
Rafael: Hahaha! It's just a game, Rosa! Don't take it too seriously!
Rosa: ... I think I saw enough. See you tomorrow.
Rafael: Wait! Now it's my turn against Nakoruru!
Rosa: Hokkaido... Is she Ainu?
Rosa: Well, she has a similar hairstyle, ribbon included...
Rosa: ... but she's like wider.
Rosa: Eeee, he sliced her in half...!
Rosa: And coins were released from her body!
Eliana: Let's play a match, Rafael?
Rafael: Sure, let's play!
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