#352: Do you give up, just like that? - 2015-01-05

Eliana: Come on, cheer up! You're im­proving your grades at last!
Rosa: But to what cost... I don't think it's worth it...
Eliana: Of course it's worth it! Your future is at stake!
Eliana: You can't just give up now that your ef­forts are bearing fruit!
Rosa: But I'm losing my mind! I can't take it anymore!
Eliana: Again with that nonsense!
Eliana: Know what? Get home, take a shower and go to sleep! We can talk when you become clearheaded!
Rosa: No, Eliana! Don't go!
Rosa: Wait! Where are you going?
Eliana: To the library. I'll be back late.
Rosa: Darn...
Eliana: Ask María for help, if you want.
Rosa: Nooo...
Li Xiaoshang: Eliana! You and me! Let's fight!
Eliana: Did you defeat the fatty? If not, don't bother.
Li Xiaoshang: Fatty got beaten up by Mom. I don't think I'll see her again.
Eliana: Fine. I'll challenge your mother.
Li Xiaoshang: Why so self-confi­dent, you malnourished brat!?
Eliana: ...
Li Xiaoshang: Hey, you're not human! How it's possible that you can be so quick!?
Eliana: My body is fragile but light, and I have some strength.
Li Xiaoshang: But it's impossible to follow your movements!
Li Xiaoshang: I can't do this! I give up!
Eliana: So quickly?
Li Xiaoshang: ...