#355: Confessions? - 2015-02-01

Eliana: Sister...
Rosa: What's wrong, E­liana? Why so sad?
Eliana: I need to make a most grave con­fession to you...
Rosa: Tell me, so.
Eliana: Rafael asked me out!
Rosa: So?
Eliana: I accepted, and we went out!
Rosa: And what's wrong with that?
Eliana: Didn't you like him? Didn't you want to date him?
Rosa: Well, yes, but...
Rosa: I was, in fact, in love of him... but he al­ways saw me as just a friend. You can't force anyone to love you. Love is a matter of two, and if you two like each other, I won't stop you.
Rosa: Also, I couldn't improve my grades if I didn't get over him... On the other hand, I think that you're a better match for him. Rafael needs a sensible, smart girl, not a bunch of tears like me...
Eliana: I would never do something like that to my dear sister!
Rafael: Yikes, you scared me!
Eliana: ... Rafael!?
Rafael: I was going to wake you up, but you woke up suddenly!
Eliana: ...
Eliana: Did you hear too much?
Rafael: Hear what? Did you say anything in your dreams?
Eliana: ... Forget it.
Rafael: ... By the way, there's something I need to confess you, but I don't want Rosa to know.
Eliana: Go confess yourself at a church, you scoundrel! If I find out that you hurt my sister, I WILL DESTROY YOU!
Rafael: ...