#356: Pear - 2015-02-10

Eliana: Carlos... What are those doo­dles supposed to be?
Carlos: Girls, those are the five female body types, accord­ing to a magazine I read.
Eliana: Right? And you had to use your schoolmates as models?
Andrea: Huh? Do you know them?
Eliana: I won't tell you who they are, Andrea.
Luz: I have an ideal silhouette...! But why did you draw me as a demoness!?
Carlos: Well, Luz and An­drea are the most grown-up ones at this class...
Carlos: ... and, of course, Rosa y Javiera are the best examples of their body types at the school.
Eliana: Well, I guess that this classi­fication doesn't apply for the other girls of the class...
Eliana: ... much less for someone like me.
Carlos: ... Actually, if you know your mea­surements...
Luz: Eliana, I have a measure­ment tape!
Eliana: But why does it have to be in front of Carlos?
Luz: Bust: 54 cm.
Luz: Waist: Thirty... six! Wow!
Luz: Hips: 68 cm, more than what I thought.
Luz: The verdict is clear! Your type is pear!
Andrea: Heehee, pear!
Carlos: If only you weren't so skinny...!
Eliana: ...