#357: Crushes - 2015-02-14

Li: But Pedro! Why not?
Pedro: Train a little more. You're not ready.
Li: But I want my revenge!
Pedro: Hah! Be more sporting, will you?
Li: 囧!
Pedro: Wheeew! Hellooo, stunner!
Luz: Hi, Pedro!
Pedro: ...
Pedro: Wait! Do you know me from somewhere?
Luz: Sure, my friends always tell me about you!
Pedro: What's your name?
Luz: Luz Vergara.
Pedro: It rings a bell, I think my sister told me..
Luz: That's right, I'm Eliana's classmate.
Pedro: Really? How old are you?
Luz: I just turned twelve a few weeks ago. Why?
Pedro: Well, you look a bit too... grown up, to be my sister's classmate.
Luz: Oh, it's just that I'm a bit preciocious! Hahaha!
Pedro: Hey, I'm starting to like you! Uh... Would you like to go out with me? I'd like to know you better...
Luz: Eeee! Darn... Forgive me...
Pedro: What... You didn't like me...
Luz: ... There's another boy I like.
Luz: And you're way too young...
Pedro: Really? And why him, and not me?
Luz: Pedro, my feelings... It can't be helped...
Marcela: Sandra, was ist das?
Sandra: Ist ein Blu­menstrauß, für dich.
Marcela: Für mich!?
Sandra: Du hast einen heimlicher Verehrer!
Marcela: Was Auch Immer. Ich gehe nur mit Deutschen.