#358: How Carlos likes girls (Uncanny Valley girls need not to apply) - 2015-02-21

Eliana: Wow, you finished the test quite quickly!
Carlos: You still got me shocked! I can't stop studying anymore!
Carlos: ... Though now I have more time to watch the eight grade girls at their Physical Education class...
Eliana: ... as though any of them would like you back...
Carlos: By the way, Eliana... Is there any boy you like?
Eliana: Why should I answer that to you? Fact is, there's really no one who caught my interest here.
Carlos: Well, to be honest... I'm quite annoyed by Cristián still drooling over you, having there so many girls that are much nicer than you out there.
Eliana: ... and way prettier, too...
Carlos: Hey, you're not ugly. You know? I too like your hair. Also, you have some very big eyes and a very delicate silhouette.
Eliana: ... A compli­ment coming from you sounds so weird, but thanks.
Carlos: Don't take it as a compliment. It's just that... I can't figure out why else would Cristián be so infatuated with you. I just can't get it.
Eliana: ... I don't, either. Also... me, so cute as to make some­one fall for me? I doubt it.
Carlos: Right, that's not enough for me, no matter how pretty the girl.
Carlos: The girl I like is feminine, pleasant, cool, nice... I enjoy seeing her, she has a good aura.
Carlos: You're quite... far away from our level, I don't get you, it's impossible to get along with you.
Eliana: ... I understand. What about Luz? What do you think about her?
Carlos: Way too perfect to be human. She's like a porcelain doll, always beautiful, always smi­ling... but it's all a lie. I can see it in her eyes, it's like...
Carlos: That woman freaks me out so much!
Eliana: I don't under­stand what makes you think so. Right, Luz is pretty... but as her friend I know her well, and she's just a normal person. You have nothing to worry about, Carlos.
Carlos: Her being your friend doesn't quite comfort me, either...